Eddy Current Analysis

Eddy Current Analysis_350x263.jpgEMCOR Services Shambaugh (ESS) provides eddy current analysis to help detect defects and leaks in chiller tubes, which can lead to catastrophic equipment failure. This non-destructive test can be performed on a regularly scheduled basis to help indicate the presence of defects and/or leaks. If issues are detected, our team is ready to take action to get your equipment up and running optimally. 

A Proactive Step to Ensure Chiller Performance 

Suitable for centrifugal, reciprocating, and screw chillers, eddy current analysis allows you to identify defects in a chiller tube long before serious performance issues or system failure. 

A probe inserted into the tubes provides readings that show any variation from a normal tube. Our technicians are trained to interpret these variations, determine the type and seriousness of the defect, and provide a written report showing the suspect tubes and suggest repairs.

Eddy current analysis is recommended every three to five years, in conjunction with regularly scheduled chiller maintenance, to help ensure your system continues to operate reliably and economically. 

Eddy current analysis can detect the following defects: 

  • Corrosion
  • Pitting
  • Split fins
  • Freeze bulges
  • Support wear
  • Improper expansion 

Tube Repair and Enhancement

If defects are minor, our team can typically fix them with a simple, low-cost plugging that stops leaks without requiring more extensive repairs. When needed, we have the expertise needed to perform complete retubing, following all manufacturer specifications and taking extra care to help ensure proper tube expansion. 

Further, for clients with older chillers, we also offer enhancement services where we retrofit equipment with tubes made from cutting-edge materials to help increase heat transfer and save energy. 

For more information on our eddy current analysis and other tube repair services, contact our team today.