Save Energy with Retrofits 

Retrofit_350x263.jpgRetrofitting your buildings with improved technologies, equipment, and systems can help you maximize energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase sustainability. To help you realize these benefits, the team at EMCOR Services Shambaugh (ESS) provides energy audits and assessments that can be used for energy conservation programs and performance contracting. In addition, we can provide retro-commissioning services to help you determine the best starting point for your retrofit project.

ESS holds contractor licenses in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and medical gas systems, and we also have professional engineers on staff. We self-perform all aspects of our work - from engineering, to service, installation, and maintenance. 

ESS staff is fully equipped to analyze, service, retrofit, maintain, or replace whole systems or specific equipment. Prior to engaging in a project, our team will meet with you and listen to your objectives, concerns, wants, and needs. Then our project development engineers will determine the most efficient and economical way of approaching and delivering your retrofit project. We take the time to evaluate and consider all the alternatives, so that we can provide you with the best solution for your specific application.  

Then our field team takes over, providing you with exceptional service and the information you need to maintain your system properly in the future. 

For more information on how we can help meet your retrofit needs, contact us today.