HVAC Maintenance

Technician providing HVAC maintenance servicesEMCOR Services Shambaugh provides a full array of HVAC maintenance, service, and support programs that provide peace of mind to our busy customers.

We are manufacturer independent and are qualified and trained to support systems of all types, from small, air-cooled systems to central energy plants with thousands of tons of cooling capacity.

Regardless of the make and model of your systems, we will provide objective, consultative advice that will be the best solution for your facility.

The Benefits

Properly maintained systems provide lower energy bills, reduced down time, and fewer repair expenses. And the benefits only begin there. Studies prove that higher performing buildings enhance productivity in various meaningful ways. For instance, in commercial buildings, employees are more productive and have fewer absences; in learning institutions, test scores improve; in hospitals, infection rates fall.

Whether you have a single facility or multiple buildings in a campus setting, we can provide:

  • spot service and repair of mechanical equipment, boilers, and refrigeration.
  • preventive maintenance contracts and service configured to your needs.
  • full coverage maintenance and repair contracts covering preventive services and all or partial equipment repairs configured to your needs.
  • equipment replacement services for air-handling units, boilers, chillers, and refrigeration equipment, including direct replacement or design–build retrofits.
  • 24–hour emergency service.
  • back flow prevention inspections.

Training Your Staff – Customized Options

We often train client maintenance personnel in a variety of HVAC and temperature control topics. Our programs for training your staff occur either on site, using the equipment and systems inherent in your crew’s normal working day; here at EMCOR Services Shambaugh's training room; or remotely at Schneider Electric’s corporate training facility.

Let us train your crew on control and HVAC systems that directly reflect your control architecture and mechanical systems.

Contact us today if you’re interested in packaged solutions with long-term support and easy access to timely information.

White paper

Read the EMCOR white paper: HVAC System Operations, Now and Going Forward that shares various ways to operate, maintain, service, and improve HVAC systems to help promote the health and safety of your building’s occupants and mitigate the impact the current health crisis is having on your businesses. Learn More